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"I can now see my own suffering as ordinary, just part of what it means to be a human being. I no longer think, Why me? Instead I think, Why not me? The one thing that I gained from writing this book is that it made me intolerant of unhappiness. When I am unhappy now, I often think, How much more of your life can you spend being sad? Go and find some joy."

- Akhil Sharma discusses his piece in this week’s issue: (via newyorker)

(Source:, via newyorker)

"I guess I would describe them as feelings that bloom. Like a flower. Slowly but wonderfully."

- i let this slip. 

Love is:

When the heart,
clenched like a fist, in fear,
unfurls to grasp another hand. 

The little lives of men

I’m back! For a bit. Tonight’s haul.

Bike series of cards.

A little uglier ish 

went a little overboard and got excited about a new hipster mason jar rubber stamp i got 

Rustic no knead bread throwback. Surprisingly easy and surprisingly tasty!!
Columbia university does the #harlemshake for Baauer
How to make yourself feel better when you move back to school